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watch it appear

all naturale

green theme relaxing leggings

nature grows into amazing things



Hello from us ~ a group of creative enthusiastic folks who strive to create products that make you think and smile. Web site  coding is not our specialty. Please enjoy our Forest of Thoughts and our Art. Share it. Wear it. Live. IRL.

From us

Witty Silly Crunchy Originals

Food, Air, Water – all important to our existence. Be mindful and share the message.

Bee Awesome

Bee Awesome everyday, take care of our hard working pollinators .

Be Your Truth

Speak Truth

Speak your mind. The rest will follow.


Don’t talk to the snake.

I miss the 80's

Sometimes Joel

Science is Smart

Look into my eyes

Not my icon

Screen Free Me

Ever dream of cutting the cords and living screen free? You can do it!!

Ditch The Digital

Step One

Turn off phone.

Green consequences

Actions have consequences, act accordingly…

Wear your commitment

Because It Matters

All types of Consequences

Personalized Products

Your slogan + Our Creativity = Unique Products


Insider joke? Send it to us and we’ll customize for you

Kilos Rule

Secret Clubs need swag too

Locals Know

Locals know.  Create your own insiders only collection.

Bees got your back

Could ya put your phone down?

Until I grow up

The Droplet

Droplet Leggings

Not your uncle's camo

From the Garden to the Solo Cup

You Are What you Eat

Dept. of Redundancy

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